logging and wood

Wood pellet plant

Technological process

Wood pellets are produced by pressing dried and ground wood. The product has high consumer value.

Wood pellet manufacturing process using sawdust and wood chips as raw materials consists of the following stages:

  • Wood waste crushing;
  • Drying;
  • Grinding;
  • Pressing into granules (pelletizing);
  • Cooling;
  • Packaging.

In case wood pellets are manufactured from round wood, the above technological process is preceded by additional steps:

  • Debarking of logs;
  • Rushing of debarked logs into wood chips.
240  000
metric tons
of wood pellets per year

A secondary technological process is the generation of heat in an energy plant.

The workshop also has buffer warehouses for round wood, bark, wood chips, sawdust, green and dry shavings. The energy plant at preparation section (drying section) with gas-water heat exchanger generates heat from wood waste for drying of crushed raw material and heating of industrial buildings.

Environmental friendliness

Wood pellet production is a non-waste technology which doesn’t use, generate or discharge toxic, harmful or radioactive substances. Products are not treated with preservative or antiseptics. The company does not emit harmful substances from vehicles and a wood-fired energy plant into the environment.



Storage warehouse with a total area of 5130 m2 is located next to the production workshop and the packaging section and is separated from them by a fireproof partition with a firewall. Technological openings for conveyors are equipped with airlocks made of fireproof materials and an automatic fire extinguishing system.

Packing and transportation

Wood pellets are mainly transported as bulk cargo. There is also an equipment for packaging wood pellets into big bags and 15 kg plastic bags. Forklift trucks are used to load big bags onto caravans.

The delivery of raw materials and the export of finished products is carried out by specialized vehicles.


The workshop uses equipment from the leading manufacturing companies:

  • HOLTEC GmbH & Co (Germany) - a complex of debarking and crushing logs
  • VECOPLAN Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co (Germany) - horizontal crusher (logs), separator and conveyor;
  • GT Zesor AG - grinding equipment;
  • Albert Knoblinger Ges.mbH & Co.KG (Austria) – main production equipment, energy plant;
  • BÜTTNER Energie und Trocknungstechnik GmbH (Germany) - drying equipment;
  • CPM Europe B.V. (Netherlands) - equipment for crushing and grinding of sawdust into smaller fractions.

Process automation

At every step of wood pellet production, we use automated process control system developed by suppliers of woodworking equipment.