logging and wood

Social responsibility

We contribute to the solution of social problems in cities and small settlements

  • provide jobs for more than 500 people;
  • maintain public roads;
  • help in eliminating the consequences of natural disasters;
  • participate in charity events and socially significant events.

We renovate roads and bridges in the village of Vysokogorny and its individual settlements. The Company also provides special equipment to eliminate emergency situations which happen at Vanino municipal district.

As part of reforestation measures, the Company concluded a forestry planting contract with Vaninsky Forestry Center LLC. In 2019, it is planned to plant 250 hectares.

Responsible forest management principles

  • legal compliance;
  • minimization of environmental impact;
  • integrated use of forest resources;
  • social development;
  • continuous improvement of environmental management;
  • public relations.