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Planed timber plant


The mill produces planed structural timber with specified quality parameters by planing commercial grade sawn timber from all four sides. The equipment allows to cut planed timber to achieve a custom length and produce structural wood blanks and finished wood products.

180  000

of planed timber per year

The input raw material is sawn timber (spruce, larch), produced at the sawmill, which is also a part of the New Forest Pro wood processing complex.


The workshop is equipped with two technological lines by the leading manufacturing companies:

  • Weinig Concept GmbH & Co (Germany) – cross-cut line which automatically scan lower grade sawn timber followed by cross-cutting of wood defects and finger-jointing. The line produces high-quality
  • KALLFASS Maschinenbau GmbH & Co (Germany) - planing line which is also used for planing non-structural sawn timber in order to add more value to the product.


All planed timber undergoes continuous quality control for compliance with the specified criteria in a non-destructive way. The timber is then sorted according to the quality check results, stacked in budles and wraped in a waterproof material.



The workshop does not contain a buffer warehouse for non-planed sawn timber. Bundles of sawn timber are delivered there by a forklift from a warehouse of dry sawn timber. Bundles of planed timber are accumulated on the transverse chain conveyors, from where they are transported by forklifts to the storage warehouse.

Process Automation

At every step of planed timber production, we use automated process control system developed by suppliers of woodworking equipment.