logging and wood
12 – 95 mm
67 – 220 mm
2700 – 6100 mm
GOST 9685-61



Sawn timber for further processing is delivered to the planning mill from a sawmill covered warehouse, where they are stored in high-strength plastic wraps with stickers between rows.

The equipment of the planed timber plant allows to crosscut planed timber to achieve a custom length and produce blanks and finished products.

Optimizing cross-cut line allows to cross-cut sawn timber defects and make finger-jointed sawn timber. The line produces high-quality component parts for joinery and is also used for improving quality of non-structural sawn timber.


Length 2 700 – 6 100 mm
Thickness 12 – 95 mm
Width 67 – 220 mm

Product range

The range of products includes more than 120 different types. The main products are:

  • Terrace board;
  • Siding;
  • Beam imitation;
  • Floor plank;
  • Planken;
  • Block house.

Product range for the Japanese market

The Company produces components for Japanese traditional post and beam houses: mabashira, neda, taruki and dobuchi, sorted by wood defects into grades A, B, and C:

Mabashira and Neda dimensions

Thickness 27/30/35/45 mm
Width 60/90/105/120 mm

Taruki and Dobuchi dimensions

Thickness 11/15/16/18/20/21/24/25/27/30/
33/35/38/40/42/45 mm
Width 25/33/36/40/42/45/50/60/75 mm

Quality standards

Sorting of planed timber for export is carried out in accordance with the European standard EN 338 “Structural timber. Strength classes” by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

Planed timber for joinery meets the requirements of the European standard EN 942 “Timber in joinery. General requirements”.

All planed timber undergoes continuous quality control for compliance with the specified criteria in a non-destructive way, sorted according to the results of the inspection, assembled into bundles and packed in a waterproof material.


Finished planed timber (both structural and for joinery) of the same grade and size are tied together with nylon tape into mini-bundles according to the customer’s request (the so-called “consumer bundles”) and assembled in bundles with a width and height of 1,000 - 1,100 mm. There are stickers with dimensions of 10 x 30 mm between each row of mini-packs. Two beams with a section of 60x70 mm are installed in the base of the package. The formed bag is pulled together with a wide nylon tape in two places and wraped in a waterproof film. Finally, the bag is tightly tied with steel tape with protective linings.

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