logging and wood

About us

General information

New Forest Pro is a resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok (ASEZ FPV). The company manufactures primary and value-added wood products, comprehensively using raw materials and modern non-waste technologies. New Forest Pro is the largest full cycle logging and wood processing complex in the Russian Far East.

Main business

Logging and hauling

Sawn timber production

Planed timber production

Wood pellet production

The company is not only engaged in harvesting and wood processing, but also reforestation and forest conservation, using technology of developing cutting areas with the preservation of undergrowth. The whole forest product supply chain of New Forest Pro is certified which is an essential requirement to enter environmentally sensitive markets in Europe.

Our key strengths

Extensive raw material base

Large forest leased area allows the company to process significant volumes of wood and satisfy the scale of any request. In response to the growing demand in the key markets, we plan to increase the forest resource base in the near future.

Favorable geographical position

New Forest Pro wood processing complex is located on the banks of the Tatar Strait near the sea and commercial port of Vanino (Khabarovsk region, Russia). Proximity to the Asia-Pacific major markets is a significant advantage for building successful partnerships.

Developed logistics and infrastructure

The Complex has its own dead end sidings and is connected by the traditional land transport modes to the sea port of Vanino, which ensures delivery reliability.

Product quality control

We use modern wood processing technologies and equipment from the leading manufacturers. All of the products undergo strict quality control. The facility design and construction were assisted by specialists from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

Qualified staff

he company team consists of highly qualified specialists with more than 10 years of industry experience which ensures a high level of performance and the efficiency of business processes.


Mission statement

Carefully using natural resources of the Russian Far East, effectively using the possibilities of a free port and powerful technical potential of the company, developing the potential of employees and expanding the geography of partnerships, we produce timber products at the world-quality level!


We are confidently building a high-tech industry business in the Russian Far East and have the following plans for the foreseeable future:

  • update fixed assets;
  • increase production volumes;
  • expand range of products;
  • receive additional international product certification;
  • enter new markets;
  • create additional jobs and increase welfare of employees.