logging and wood

Environmental policy

Responsible Forest Management Policy

New Forest Pro Joint Stock Company carries out its forest management and utilization activities in Komsomolskok, Sovetsko-Gavansky, Vaninsky and Nanai districts, Khabarovsk region in accordance with the Forest Resource Exploitation Agreement. This policy is a fundamental element of New Forest Pro JSC responsible forest management system. It declares the basic principles of the company and its contractors’ production activities impact on the environment (environmental policy) and the social sphere (social policy).

Legal compliance

  • We build our work in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation;
  • We comply with international conventions and agreements ratified by the Russian Federation;
  • We inform every employee on work that we do to preserve the environment and protect their health;
  • use only legal methods of logging and require guarantees of legality from our contractors.

Minimization of environmental impact

  • We plan any production activity considering assessment of the environmental impact (EIA);
  • We use modern technologies and methods of forest management, minimizing the impact on the environment;
  • We introduce new technologies for logging and wood processing which increase the efficiency of raw material and energy use, ensuring a positive carbon balance;
  • When introducing new technologies, we are guided by the research and recommendations of the leading scientific institutions, views of the company's employees, independent experts and stakeholders.

Integrated use of forest resources

  • We consider the interests of local residents and organizations that legally engage in forestry (hunting, collecting non-timber forest products), recreation, production of commercial and non-commercial forest products, and services;
  • We encourage and stimulate the development of various types of traditional nature management of the northern indigenous peoples;
  • We care about the preservation of the natural, historical and cultural heritage.

Social development

  • We reduce social tension in remote forest villages, creating jobs and additional employment, providing priority in employment, educational opportunities and vocational training for local residents;
  • We support local infrastructure and social programs;
  • We comply with the requirements of the current legislation governing the health and safety of employees;
  • We provide training for newly hired employees on environmental aspects of the company’s activities, health and safety;
  • We are constantly improving the skills of employees in order to ensure that they are familiar with all the production principles of the company, changes in the regulatory framework and best practices in sustainable forest management and utilization;
  • We evaluate the impact on labor protection, safety measures and the social sphere, including through consultations with employees of the enterprise and the public. The results of evaluations are taken into account when planning and conducting production activities;
  • We encourage employees to responsible performance, commitment to the company’s policy and principles of production.

Continuous Improvement of Environmental Management

  • We analyze production activities and include information on environmental activities in our annual plans and reports;
  • We develop and support environmental and social procedures in accordance with the requirements of international standards;
  • We identify areas where improvements are necessary.

Public relations

  • We support a constructive dialogue with all stakeholders at the local, regional and international level;
  • We ensure openness of the dialogue by providing free access to information that is not a commercial secret and periodically publishing information about the environmental and social aspects of the company activities;
  • We bring the principles of environmental and social responsibility of the company to the attention of consumers and other interested parties.

We regularly review the policy, upon receipt of proposals from employees and interested parties, changes in international standards of forest certification systems and / or the current regulatory framework.