logging and wood

Raw material

Physical properties

Coniferous species - larch, spruce and fir – prevail in the forests of the Khabarovsk region. They are highly valuable raw materials for advanced wood processing. Ayan spruce (Picea jezoensis) and Daurian Larch (Lárix dahúrica) are the main species growing in New Forest Pro harvesting sites:

  • Spruce 60–75% of the total volume;
  • Larch 40–25% of the total volume;

Our forests are very different from other regions in terms of characteristics of plantations, trunk diameter and length, number of trees per hectare, and the yield of industrial wood. This all results in a higher quality of wood: it is denser and has better mechanical properties. This is due to the fact that trees grow slowly in Khabarovsk region severe climate. To grow to a diameter of 26-30 cm, they need to grow at least 150 years. Therefore, the density of annual rings in our wood is higher. This means that it is stronger than wood from regions with milder climates.

Softwood sawlogs of 1st and 2nd grades according to GOST 9463-88 are used as a raw material for sawn timber production.

Harvesting sites

The company harvests wood at two sites:


located in the village of Vysokogorny (Vaninsky municipal district). The logging is operated under five lease agreements in Vysokogorny, Severny and Uktursky forestries with an annual allowable cut of 475 thousand m³.


located in Vanino (Vaninsky municipal district). The logging is operated under two lease agreements in the Soviet and Nanai forestries with an annual allowable cut of 241 thousand m³.

The Company uses its own logging teams for harvesting as well as works with contractors.

716  000

annual allowable cut
1  094  413
leased forest area
Harvesting sites

Transportation and storage

The company supplies raw material to the wood processing complex all year round:

  • By rail — 50%;
  • By road — 50%.

There is a sawlog warehouse with a log sorting line for the reception, storage, preparation and feeding of sawlogs to production. The location and layout of the warehouse meets the requirement of the Russian standards: SNiP II-89-80, SNiP 2.11.06-91 and GOST 9014.0-75.

The sawlog warehouse storage volume:

  • Unsorted sawlogs - 17 thousand m³
  • Sorted sawlogs - 20 thousand m³.